Brand Impact & Campaign Champ

S.M.A.R.T. Insights for Evaluating Campaign Strategies and Brand Performance

Regardless of whether digital or classic on TV, radio or in print – campaigns are made to have an impact. Experts say: a campaign shall work. However, in the age of digital, mobile and social media the impact of campaigns on the intended target group may, depending on the medium and the type of user, differ quite widely.

How can you measure, if, how and why your campaign actually works? How do you evaluate its resonance and success? Which coverage did you actually get? Which target groups did you reach via Facebook, Twitter or other channels? How do users react to your postings? Are they being liked and shared? How viral do your hash-tags become? Did your campaign work differently from what had been planned and expected? Finally, how do you get significant data that allows for a valid assessment and makes a strong statement?

The Brand Impact & Campaign Champ will track, measure and evaluate your campaign´s performance and impact on the most important digital platforms. It will also illustrate the specific effects of your campaign on the market along a set of pre-defined Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Regardless of whether you prefer making reference to user engagement rates, an increasing amount of followers, total reach, campaign image, campaign reach, tonality, leads or to the actual number of sales – due to ethority´s long-standing experience with measuring and evaluating campaigns Data Champ24´s Brand Impact & Campaign Champ will always deliver S.M.A.R.T. Insights.

✓ Specific & significant

✓ Measurable & meaningful

✓ Assignable & actionable

✓ Relevant & reasonable

✓ Timed & tangible


S.M.A.R.T. Reportings

These S.M.A.R.T. Reportings connected with the Brand Impact & Campaign Champ are often used for improving the Brand Performance genutzt:

  • Dashboard 24/7-Access for Multi-User
  • E-Mail-Alert automated – for relevant keywords and topics
  • E-Mail-Alert manually send by analyst – for relevant KPI’s, keywords, trends and topics
  • Performance-Analysis (for other Social Networks available)
  • Target-Group-Analysis (for other Social Networks available)
  • Campaign Summary Report (day, week, month, year)
  • Brand Status-Quo Analysis incl. action recommendation
  • Branded Channel Evaluation incl. action recommendation  (weekly, monthly, quarterly, 6-month, yearly)
  • S.M.A.R.T. Brand Score Card  & Reference System – industry scoring, KPIs, insights linked to industry or function
S.M.A.R.T. Big Data Analytics

This digital flood of data – Big Data – does contain, among a lot of information that is irrelevant, various valuable insights that will, or at least could have, a decisive impact on your business success.  DataChamp24 supports the following key performance indicators, data sources and relevant data-sets with implemented Brand-Dimensions and Clusters.

  • 35+ KPI’s i.e. Share of Voice, Engagement, Reach, Advocates, Influence, Impact, Sentiment, Contacts, Fans, Follower, RTs, Top-Post, Top-Resources, Comments etc.
  • 650+ Million Sources i.e. Customer Review Sites, Social Media Networks & Platforms, Web, Blogs, Forums, Video
  • 90+ Brand Dimensionen per Data-Set – Campaigns, Influencer, Call-to-Action-Posts, Image, Sponsoring, Competitors, Sweepstakes etc.

The implementation of additional dimensions, themes and platforms can be made upon request.

ethority’s Digital Excellence Competence

These ethority competences are connected to the Brand & Campaign Champ and often used for strategy development and digital intelligence gathering.

  • Corporate Brand & Campaign Website Evaluation
  • Corporate or Branded Content Evaluation
  • Competitor- & Best Practice Analysis
  • Brand Positioning and Segmentation Study
  • Development of action points and recommendations
  • Brand Strategy Workshops w. launch planning and optimization
  • Strategy-Call for result discussions with analysts or consultants
  • Strategy-Workshops with well experienced senior consultant
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