Classic Social Media Champ

S.M.A.R.T. Insights for Assessing & Improving Social Media Engagement

Utilizing social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others has become daily business for big corporations and organizations. Also many smaller shops, hotels, restaurants and tradesmen are using online platforms and communities today to manage requests, bookings and sales, but also to respond to inquiries as well as to positive or negative comments.

Even if you are not running your own digital or mobile media – your brands, products and services are nevertheless already being addressed on a diverse range of online platforms. And even if you are not being involved, your brands, products and services are certainly being discussed intensively and will also receive criticism without a doubt.

If you wish to listen to these various conversations held by your stakeholders in digital, mobile and social media, close ongoing monitoring is absolutely critical.

However, what will be even more important to your business success is a systematic analysis of this data. This will increase your understanding of what your customers want and what makes your fans tick. It will help you understand why you get criticized and what triggers criticism.

The Classic Social Media Champ will measure the performance of your own social media platforms (“owned media“) and will reveal the potential for improvement. It will also help you grasp and understand all activities staged by fans, influencers, competitors and other company stakeholders on third party platforms (“earned media“).

If you wish to act like a real champion on the digital, mobile and social markets of opinion, encompassing performance measurement, a detailed analysis of target groups and topics, content planning as well as competitor benchmarking – DataChamp24´s Classic Social Media Champ will provide the necessary S.M.A.R.T. Insights.

✓ Specific & significant

✓ Measurable & meaningful

✓ Assignable & actionable

✓ Relevant & reasonable

✓ Timed & tangible


S.M.A.R.T. Reportings

These S.M.A.R.T. Reportings connected with the Classic Social Media Champ are often used for improving the Social Media Engagement

  • Dashboard 24/7-Access for Multi-User
  • E-Mail-Alert automated – for relevant keywords and topics
  • E-Mail-Alert manually send by analyst – for relevant KPI’s, keywords, trends and topics
  • Facebook-Performance-Analysis (for other Social Networks available)
  • Facebook-Target-Group-Analysis (for other Social Networks available)
  • Social Media Summary Report (day, week, month, year)
  • Social Media Status-Quo Analysis incl. action recommendation
  • Social Media Platform Evaluation incl. action recommendation  (weekly, monthly, quarterly, 6-month, yearly)
  • S.M.A.R.T. Brand Engagement Score Card & Reference System – industry scoring, KPIs, insights linked to industry or function
S.M.A.R.T. Big Data Analytics

This digital flood of data – Big Data – does contain, among a lot of information that is irrelevant, various valuable insights that will, or at least could have, a decisive impact on your business success.  DataChamp24 supports the following key performance indicators, data sources and relevant data-sets with implemented Social Media Engagement dimensions and cluster.

  • 35+ KPI’s i.e. Share of Voice, Engagement, Reach, Advocates, Influence, Impact, Sentiment, Contacts, Fans, Follower, RTs, Top-Post, Top-Resources, Comments etc.
  • 650+ Million Sources i.e. Customer Review Sites, Social Media Networks & Platforms, Web, Blogs, Forums, Video
  • 90+ Brand Dimensionen per Data-Set – Campaigns, Influencer, Call-to-Action-Posts, Image, Sponsoring, Competitors, Sweepstakes etc.

The implementation of additional dimensions, themes and platforms can be made upon request.

ethority’s Digital Excellence Competence

These ethority competences are connected to the Classic Social Media Champ and often used for strategy development and digital intelligence gathering.

  • Competitor- & Best Practice Analysis
  • Segmentation Study Brand Engagement
  • Development of action points and recommendations
  • Content Strategy Workshops w. editorial planning and optimization
  • Strategy-Call for result discussions with analysts or consultants
  • Strategy-Workshops with well experienced senior consultant
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