Reputation & Issues Champ

S.M.A.R.T Insights for Managing Issues & Building Sustainable Reputation

The reputation of a brand, person, or company is a very valuable asset that needs a lot of effort and time to build, but can be destroyed very quickly – through a hasty statement, dubious behavior or a wrong response to a critical comment, for example. As a result you may face a crisis; in today´s digital world you may also see a wave of criticism coming. At that point professional issues and crisis management will be needed to protect your reputation under attack or to help restore it, in case it has already been damaged.

In our digital age the complexity and the requirements for successful reputation management with relevant stakeholders across all available media channels have increased dramatically. Meanwhile, keeping an eye on key topics like sustainability, social responsibility and vision & leadership as well as on each relevant dimension of your brand and company reputation has become almost impossible.

Do you, for example, know which company issues are currently being discussed on digital, mobile and social media? Do you know which organizations will drive these discussions? Are you aware which dimensions of your company reputation will trigger critical responses by sensitive social media users? And which aspects of your brand reputation are most likely to be observed closely by your customers?

As a pioneer of digital issues monitoring ethority has gained a wealth of experience and insights that will help you find the right answers to those and many other key questions.

The Reputation & Issues Champ will monitor all relevant platforms, forums, and communities and will continuously assess the digital, mobile and social market of opinions – with your specific issues in mind, along different dimensions of your reputation, according to a range of criteria individually defined by you.

Receive advance notice of emerging criticism. Start identifying trends and issues as soon as possible. Manage your reputation pro-actively. DataChamp24´s Reputation & Issues Champ will deliver the necessary S.M.A.R.T. Insights in good time.

✓ Specific & significant

✓ Measurable & meaningful

✓ Assignable & actionable

✓ Relevant & reasonable

✓ Timed & tangible


S.M.A.R.T. Reportings

These S.M.A.R.T. Reportings connected with the Reputation & Issues Champ are often used for improving the Reputation & Issues Management:

  • Dashboard 24/7-Access for Multi-User
  • E-Mail-Alert automated – for relevant keywords and topics
  • E-Mail-Alert manually send by analyst – for relevant KPI’s, keywords, trends and topics
  • Performance-Analysis (for other Social Networks available)
  • Target-Group-Analysis (for other Social Networks available)
  • Campaign Summary Report (day, week, month, year)
  • Reputation & Issues Status-Quo Analysis incl. action recommendation
  • Reputation & Issues Evaluation incl. action recommendation  (weekly, monthly, quarterly, 6-month, yearly)
  • S.M.A.R.T. Brand Reputation Score Card & Reference System – industry scoring, KPIs, insights linked to industry or function
S.M.A.R.T. Big Data Analytics

This digital flood of data – Big Data – does contain, among a lot of information that is irrelevant, various valuable insights that will, or at least could have, a decisive impact on your business success.  DataChamp24 supports the following key performance indicators, data sources and relevant data-sets with implemented Reputation dimensions and clusters.

  • 40+ KPI’s i.e. Share of Voice, Engagement, Reach, Advocates, Influence, Impact, Sentiment, Contacts, Fans, Follower, RTs, Top-Post, Top-Resources, Comments etc.
  • 650+ Million Sources i.e. Customer Review, Employer Brand and Stakeholder-Sites, Social Media Networks & Platforms, Web, Blogs, Forums, Video
  • 100+ Brand Reputation Dimensions, i.e. Stakeholder, Issues & Trends, Influencer, Leadership & Management, Image, Sustainability, Innovation etc.

The implementation of additional dimensions, themes and platforms can be made upon request.

ethority’s Digital Excellence Competence

These ethority competences are connected to the Reputation & Issues Champ and often used for strategy development and digital intelligence gathering.

  • Corporate or Brand Website & Channel Evaluation
  • Corporate or Branded Content Evaluation
  • Competitor- & Best Practice Analysis
  • Issues & Trend Virality Evaluation
  • Brand Reputation and Segmentation Study
  • Development of action points and recommendations
  • Reputation Strategy & Issues Management Workshop
  • Strategy-Call for result discussions with analysts or consultants
  • Strategy-Workshops with well experienced senior consultant
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