S.M.A.R.T. Solutions for Transforming Big Data into Business Success


Every day billions of new postings are being left on an ever increasing number of digital, mobile and social platforms, web sites, networks and communities – by diverse types of users, driven by a range of different motives, in many formats and styles.

Apart from a flood of irrelevant information, this digital flood of data – Big Data – contains various valuable insights that will, or at least could have, a decisive impact on your business success. There is, however, a big challenge to meet: identifying and interpreting the important bits of information correctly, is very hard. Furthermore making real sense out of them is even harder.

DataChamp24´s smart and tailor-made Instant Intelligence Solutions will help you keep an eye on all relevant digital, mobile and social media and – in a visual and intuitively intelligible format – will provide answers to critical questions such as:

  • How is your company, your brand being perceived by customers, employees, investors, business partners and also critics?
  • Which attributes are currently being linked to your brands, your products and your company?
  • How well does your digital communication strategy perform?
  • Does your current campaign work as intended?
  • Who are your typical clients?
    What do they expect from your brand and your company?
    What are they interested in? What are their favorite topics?
    And which digital, mobile and social media do they use?
  • Are your customers satisfied with the quality of your services and support?
    If not, what room for improvement do you see?
    How can your best make use of their satisfaction to acquire new customers?
  • Why do the most talented people join other companies rather than your team?
    How can you optimize your current employer branding approach to make the best people enthusiastic about your company – and finally to hire them?

Valid answers to these and other important questions will help you assess your digital performance and will allow you to review your business processes, optimizing communication strategies as well as developing new and promising business ideas.

DataChamp24´s Instant Market Intelligence Solutions are S.M.A.R.T.:

✓ Secure & Sustainable
Modular & Multilingual
Advanced & Accessible
Ready & Reliable
Time saving & Transparent

DataChamp24´s Instant Intelligence Solutions are founded on ethority´s know-how and project experience of 15 years in digital market intelligence research and development. These tools offer up-to-date solutions for big data analysis to medium and smaller enterprises as well as big corporations – ready to instantly address, at the moment, business challenges in five different functional areas:

  • Social Media Engagement
  • Brand Impact & Campaign Assessment
  • Customer Loyalty Improvement
  • Reputation & Issues Management
  • Employer Branding & Talent Attraction